Sunday, August 5, 2012

Keitai Thumbnail Collection

The biggest downside to being in Japan before the smartphone revolution was that my phone's camera was absolute garbage, and I was living in a place where I constantly wanted to take photographs...and never seemed to have my digital camera with me. I was desperate enough to use my phone's camera on many occasions, but the photos are so grainy and small that looking back at them, I can't believe I didn't realize before and have my digital camera surgically attached to my wrist so that I wouldn't be able to take any more awful cell phone pictures.  

Still, when I went through the photos recently (after the laborious task of locating my keitai and pulling the microSD card) I found a few memories I had already forgotten - things I never had the opportunity to photograph again.

Students setting up the graduation photo design

Feeding my expensive cake habit

Pizza Hut, crusts stuffed with wieners

For a while I tried really hard to bring a bentou
lunch to work every day like my co-workers

The tea corner in the English Department

Namba City rocket - this was removed in 2009,
so I grabbed a photo of a photo

Imagine that.

The short-lived Blue Hawaii Pepsi


You Must Not Trust Me

Tanabata tree