Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For Rockin' Out Loud

Today's entry is a guest blog post by Brynn.

I have to admit a little secret - I have a particular infatuation with a certain handsome Japanese singer. Takanori Nishikawa, better known by the name TM Revolution, is my dream guy. Even though he stands only 5'1', he is a tough little guy, and his height is no factor in determining his extreme sense of fashion, his upbeat ear-catching tunes, and irresistible live performances. Plastered on my walls are life-size posters of him, cluttering up my shelves are his CDs, DVDs, and official concert books, and the majority of my MP3 Player is filled with his songs. I am what you might call "a die-hard fan." He is my obsession! I would follow him to the ends of the Earth!

Ok, I am not that nuts, but I am a pretty crazy fan.

When I went to Japan for a ten month exchange in high school, I hoped that Nishikawa would do a concert so I could see him in person. I knew I was hoping for a lot, because since he is getting older, he doesn't do many live performances. In spite of this, I hoped and prayed my dream of seeing Nishikawa perform live would come true. "Oh please oh please," I said. "Please let my dream come true!" I even crossed my fingers and toes. Yes, my friends teased me, said I was crazy and told me to give up, but I never stopped believing!

Then, in early December, my prayers were answered. Nishikawa had announced four concerts in Osaka City, a mere twenty minutes from my home! I was ecstatic! I couldn't believe my luck. Nothing, not typhoon nor tsunami nor earthquake, could stop me from going to at least one of those shows. I patiently waited for an announcement regarding where I could get tickets. If I had to tackle someone for a ticket, I was prepared to do so.

As the days turned into weeks and no announcement, I started to worry that the concerts might somehow have been cancelled. The only thing that was for certain was the "Boys Only" concerts (yes, Boys Only. Please don’t ask.) tickets would go on sale shortly. Days passed and still nothing. Finally, I heard the most devastating news a girl could hear: the other three concerts on the itinerary had been made Fan Club Only. I - somewhat surprisingly, I suppose - was not a member of this elusive fan club, only because I was not a permanent resident of Japan - one of the main requirements. (Otherwise, I would probably be President by now!) 

The Fan Club requirement was slightly unfair, I know, yet the unbearable truth. My teacher and I got on the phone and called everyone and anyone who we thought might allow me to purchase a ticket. The ticket sales, the fan club, the fan club president! But, it was all for naught. No one would take pity on this poor foreign Nishikawa fan. It seemed my dream was going up in smoke...What was this heart-broken girl to do?

Then, my teacher spoke the words that set a strange course of motion, "If you want to see him so badly, buy a ticket for the boys' concert, dress up, and go enjoy yourself."

My jaw hit the floor. "WHAT?! Are you INSANE?!" I thought.

...I am crazy. I realized this a long time ago, but I thought I had a bit of sense left in me yet. However, I knew I had lost it completely when I stood days later with a ticket to the Boys Only Nishikawa concert, tight in the grip of my shaking palm.

The preparations began. I had clothes to assemble, a wig to buy, and I had to practice my rough and tough guy attitude. I even learned to walk like a man. I left no stone unturned. I had to get in! On the day of the concert, ironically Christmas Day, I was a bundle of nerves. Taking place in a little concert hall in a popular area of the city, the young men surrounding me seemed to be staring right at me like guards, peering into the depths of my soul to uncover the lie. I felt somewhat like a secret agent as I walked up those stairs towards the fortress known as Big Cat Concert House. I tried to be as calm and collected as I could as I handled over the ticket to the man standing at the door. His eyes lingered on me for a moment, as though he knew my terrible secret, but was deciding whether or not to be merciful. Luckily, his words were like music to my ears.

“You’re in.”

I wanted to jump, scream, and dance around the room with excitement, but I was sure that would have blown my cover.

While I stood waiting for the concert to begin, I couldn't help but observe males in their natural environment. They are strange creatures; their true habits unknown to the rest of the world while they jump around and yell various profanities. I had officially gone were no female should ever go. When the concert started, I found myself in a herd of elephants, being pushed this way and that, barely able to catch my breath. I closed my eyes and held onto my wig for dear life, and to my extreme glee, was pushed to the front of the concert hall. I ended up less than three feet from the stage. I held my breath.

And then - there he was. Takanori Nishikawa. TM Revolution. In the flesh and just as God made him; perfect. I was in a dream! Nothing in life is this perfect, right? But it was. I had done it! Our eyes met at one point, and my heart skipped a beat.

We met after the concert; we fell in love!

Okay, I'm joking there, but our eyes did meet. The fact that there was a foreigner at his concert probably gave him quite a shock.

That night seemed to be so short. I didn't want it to end. But, once it did, I realized I had done something crazy and amazing. I’m not the first female to see Nishikawa, but I am sure that I am one of the only fans willing to go that far. If this was living on the edge, I had stepped clear over it. Furthermore, I would do it again in a heartbeat. So, remember, if you ever need someone to give you pointers on how to get into a boys-only concert in a foreign country, tell them to give me a call.

-Brynn from Ontario
Guest Poster

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  1. You are my idol! I am absolutely obsessed with TM Revolution just as yourself. While reading what you did I was so giddy. That took some serious guts to do. I wish I had the chance to seem him in concert. He is so spectacular, perfect. Aside from the fact he is 43, he is so handsome and his voice kicks butt. I hope one day, as security drags me off, our eyes meet. Keep the dream alive Brynn.