Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More on the Zojirushi Sale

I know I've already tweeted about this today, but I'm so pleased to actually see Amazon Canada promoting a rice cooker sale!

I bought my own rice cooker from Amazon U.S. because the price difference was quite severe at the time, but it's much closer with this sale. Finding one locally just wasn't going to happen - after coming back from Japan and going a few months with a $35 Dominion rice cooker, I resolved to buy a proper rice cooker the next time I was in the U.S., and have not been disappointed. My rice cooker sings to me and bakes cakes.

You can also buy electric pots during the sale, which, if you remember my article on tea, I can no longer live more than five minutes without. Electric pots are so expensive to buy no matter whether you're looking local or online, and here in Toronto they're more often than not programmed in Korean or Chinese rather than English/Japanese. If you've been thinking about picking one up, you're probably not going to find one in English for less than $100, and Zojirushi is the best of the best, so why not?

...and now I think I could go for some tea, myself!