Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TV Japan

We're just getting things set up to move into our new apartment (in what I consider to be "midtown," but to seems native Torontonians would say "uptown") and I came across an ad I had picked up at Bon Odori last year for TV Japan:

  • 24 hour broadcasting available everywhere, to bring you the latest news about Japan and the world
  • Broadcasting schedule adjusted for each time zone
  • Regular live news broadcasts to bring you the latest news available
  • Continuous content expansion for information programming, entertainment programming, and cultural / educational programming, plus sports coverage including Grand Sumo Tournaments
  • High-quality cultural programming to enhance mutual understanding and foster increased friendly exchange between Japan and the United States / Canada
  • Providing “TV JAPAN” to hotels in key cities and resorts, including Hawaii, to better serve travelers on business trips or on vacation.

Well! That's very interesting, indeed. We haven't decided on a cable provider for the new place yet, if we have cable at all, so my question to you Tadaimatte readers - have you tried TV Japan, and if so, how is it? I  may have to go down to the Japan Foundation Library one of these days and check out the programming - I seem to remember you can watch it at the library for free. Hmm!