Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Automatic Takoyaki Maker

I cannot believe this is a real thing!

Takoyaki, Osaka's Speciality Food
Perfectly cooked!

If you remember my post from a few weeks ago about my undying love for takoyaki, you'll likely remember that I mentioned making it from scratch can be a little tedious, unless you have the patience to sit and watch the grill and turn each takoyaki on time. (This is likely why most people have takoyaki parties, so that they can enjoy themselves  together and divide up the work!) 

However, a website called JapanTrendShop apparently sells automatically rotating grills to help you with the difficult parts! The Takoyaki Factory Ton Ton has a motor that flips the takoyaki over as it cooks to make perfectly-shaped balls at home. A little expensive, but the kit even includes a long-stemmed pot for easy batter pouring, the special brush to oil the grill, and the skewers. If I did not already have the electric takoyaki grill I brought home from Japan, I would be all over this!